Sneak peek…

I am so excited! I am finally having my office space redone…

This has been a long time coming. My office used to be upstairs in a small bedroom, then girly #2 came along and my hubby gave me a gift certificate …

(ignore the holes from the thumbtacks – no way I was gonna lose this baby)

(also, ignore the expiry date, I totally am!!)

But for the last few years my office has shared the basement bedroom with our guest room, until this past november when my fabulous hubby agreed that I did in fact need more space and the guest bed pulled a hasty disappearing act (not that I was worried he would change his mind, but…)

So, for the last few months I have had more space, and it is wonderful, but my green and white walls, (courtesy of previous homeowners) and all of the holes (umm, yeah, those are totally my fault!) just don’t do much to inspire creativity!

So, because he was sick of me whining  he loves and adores me, my fab hubby is going to fix and paint my walls this weekend! I completely forgot to do a “before” picture, but that is probably for the best anyway. I did, however, take a quick one of the pile of stuff really important supplies that I cannot possibly live without.

I would love to say that’s it, but my “empty” office still has two desks, two filing cabinets, and a bunch more of the storage cubes that still need to be moved. Plus various shelves with more really important stuff on them! Yikes…kind of makes me look like a hoarder doesn’t it?

So, while we are waiting for the paint to dry, perhaps some purging should take place!

And, after some major second guessing (and third, and fourth) I think my office is going to end up being a really pretty shade of pale yellow blue!

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2 Responses to Sneak peek…

  1. domenica says:

    WOHOO! ! I am so pumped for you! I cannot wait to see your refreshed space!! 🙂

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