Pottery Barn inspired book bundles

It feels like it has been a VERY long week! Most of the snow has melted (at least in the front yard…) and the grass that is poking through has a distinct green tinge! Birds are singing and the girls are finally spending some much needed time outside.

Hello spring – I have missed you so much!!

My office space is also feeling a little more spring-y ūüôā It has a fabulous new ‘do, courtesy of the hubby.¬† After much, (and I do mean MUCH) obsessing over the paint choices. Serioiusly, who was that woman? I am not afraid of color, and if you doubt me, pop by and take a look at the red kitchen!! But, for some reason, picking one particular shade of blue for my office was terrifying. I googled offices, and paint chips, and just when I thought I had it narrowed down, went to the paint store. Eeeks.¬†Not really sure why it was such a long and painful process, but I do love the end result. The hubby? Him, not so much. Turns out the previous homeowners had used “something funky” on the walls, and it was only after¬†7 coats (yup, S-E-V-E-N) of paint and primer that the weird splotchy shiny patches stopped coming through. Had it taken any more, I am fairly certain I would have been sleeping down there…

No pictures yet, because even though the furniture is in, I am waiting to put up a couple of shelves (shhh, don’t tell him there are more holes in the future of those walls) and so every flat surface is temporarily covered in boxes and bins and not very picture-ready! Soon though, I am so excited to show it off.

In the meantime, I have been itching to work on something. Anything.

¬†Have you seen these? Pottery Barn’s Book Bundles.


¬†But the price? $39, yikes. Don’t love that.¬† And really, for what? Some trashed books and twine. Pretty sure I can do that!

Here’s my version…

 Ok, this is dead easy! Pick a few books, (for some reason the trashier the novel, the better it works Рtrue story) I was worried that mine were too similar in size and width but they turned out just fine. I used a fingertip craft knife from fiskars, but you can use anything. Peel the covers off, and if there is a line of (ugly) glue left behind it should pull off pretty easily. I snipped some of the extra bits of paper that were left behind, but really only because I am anal thorough! Stack em up, and tie with a bit of twine. I did play around with some prettier ribbon, but I think the twine really does looks better.

Piled them onto the mantle…and then realized they look WAAAAY¬†¬†cuter on the little black side table. I think they got a bit lost on the white.

¬†Plus, I just found some gorgeous vintage skeleton keys that I think will look aaah-mazing sitting on top! Can’t wait for them to arrive…

And may I just say, since my card reader is lost somewhere really safe¬†in the chaos of my office, the previous pics were brought to you by Nicole’s blackberry…just sayin!

 No judging:)

Hope you are all enjoying some sunshine!

**Just a note!** If you plan on doing this, probably smarter to NOT do it in front of your kids…all I have heard this morning is “mo-om, books are special, member?” and “uh oh, daddy might be sad with you” LOL


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5 Responses to Pottery Barn inspired book bundles

  1. domenica says:

    Love this idea! Nice share! ūüôā Have a great weekend.

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  3. Cat says:

    Love this project also. Time to rip off some covers!!
    Books are special and that’s why we use them to decorate after we read them. LOL!

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