Happy Birthday Miss Chelsea!!

I feel a bit like I have gone awol…LOL, it has been a crazy busy few weeks around here! Not only am I swamped with orders (not complaining, that’s a really good thing:) but my baby girl has just turned 3!

Somehow in the blink of an eye (it cannot possibly be 3 years!!) she went from this…

(she seriously looks like she is smiling at her big sis no?)

to this…

I keep thinking, no this can’t be right, but then she reminds me “no more babies in us house mommy” and suddenly it hits me, she is a BIG girl now. I don’t know how it happened, or how the time flew by SO quickly, but  I do know that it has been a fantastic 3 years.

Me and the birthday girl having a quick snuggle before her party, thankfully, the older she gets the more she wants to snuggle!

And this is a shot I have been trying to get for a while now…

This is Chelsea’s “bun-bun”, her very favourite toy of all time. She sleeps with him, plays with him, snuggles during movies, even drags it along to the bus stop to pick up her big sis. If he were ever to go missing, we would be in such. serious. trouble. 

Anyway, whenever Chels is tired she rubs bun-bun’s nose to her nose and it might be the sweetest thing I have ever seen. But as many times as I have tried, I can NEVER get a good, candid shot. So, I was thrilled when I dumped the pics off the camera and came across this one shot by my hubby! Nicely done babe.

And when we started planning Chelsea’s party, we went with a bunny theme!

And you can’t have bunnies without bunny food…

Wish I could take the credit for these, but it was sent to me on pinterest (addicted!) and I just copied them.

When you ask a 3-year-old what “colors” she wants her party to be, it can get a little interesting. Chelsea asked for orange and teal. (or maybe she said blue, but I am in love with all things teal right now…just sayin)

some snacks…

(Just for the record, we had a fruit tray too!)

And some super cute personalized water bottle labels that I ordered from here

And the cupcakes (my first attempt at doing homemade for a party, so no judging!)

Cute cake stand right? I snagged it at HomeSense the day before the party and only had time to do two coats of the white spray paint. Luckily, I was pretty sure no one would be looking at it upside down – otherwise the original bubble gum pink was still showing!

Both our girls have custom-made growth charts painted by a wonderful local artist named Barbara Lamb. They are completely different and both stunning, and we have a birthday tradition of measuring and recording each girl on their big days!

I really can’t believe how much my baby big girl has grown this past year!

Happy Birthday Chelsea Anne!! I love you so much;)

Last one! This picture was too precious to not share! This is one of my nieces, Sadie and her most awesome fabulous hair…

This is actually a pretty tame hair day by Sadie standards! LOVE.

Have a great day!

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Miss Chelsea!!

  1. Did you use frosting bags for the carrot treat bags? I am planning a Harry the Bunny themed party and those would be perfect!

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