Baby’s First Year Calendars…

Baby projects are always fun to work on and these calendars are no exception! Something so exciting about a new little life, full of hope and promise. Not to mention the snuggles and that perfectly sweet baby smell! I have done a few of these calendars recently and so I thought I would share some pictures. Not in any particular order, here are some of my faves…

This one was for an adorable little girl (guessing the pink gave that away!)

I am in love with these felt flowers and leaves from Stampin Up! They add great texture!

And I have had this gorgeous paper for a while, just waiting for an excuse to use it!

How about a little ghost? Too cute to spook…(ok, yeah, that was terrible but…babies in Halloween costumes are ALWAYS adorable!)

This paper is an oldie but goodie, at least in my opinion! It always plays nice with others:)


Umm, in case you are wondering how come these pictures are WAAAAY better than my usual blurry, glare-y, sometimes taken with my blackberry style… surprise! I didn’t take these (yeah, you probably already figured that out) big thanks again to Proudest Monkey Photography for always taking such good care of me!

Going through these pictures, I was clearly in love with distressing and distressed papers! Guess what? Still am!

Especially when you pair that with sweet baby photos, it’s just stunning. How amazing would this layout be with a simple black and white photo?

When I do a first year calendar my preference is to begin with the month after the baby is born, that way we get to finish with a first birthday layout!

Each calendar comes with two different kinds of tags, and will turn a regular (but fabulous;) calendar into a true keepsake!

Record monthly growth…

and all the big milestones!

This particular calendar was for an adorable little “Brookie-Bean” as we like to call her, and I am lucky enough to be looking after her snuggly-ness part time now.

Cute right?


Thanks for coming by today…see you again soon! I have a ton of things on the go, including finishing up my office (here) and a new etsy inspired family tree project that I will share.

Plus, I think we will do a giveaway when we reach 500 hits!

 Have a great day!

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5 Responses to Baby’s First Year Calendars…

  1. While not a scraper, I must say your work is so beautiful! As for my necklace organizer, I used a combo of cork board and foam board to secure the heavy weight of all that bling!

  2. Shan says:

    Beautiful work as always!!

  3. Thank you guys! I appreciate it:)

  4. Stephanie says:

    Those calander layouts are adorable and I love the paper you used for April! I would have never thought to do the birth month last but that’s the perfect way to end the calandar and have all of the milestones from the first year in one place!

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