Family Tree Art

A while ago on Etsy I came across a beautiful custom photo, I wish I could find the original to share with you, but it seems to be gone. And while it was great, and it obviously caught my eye, it just didn’t have enough oomph for me. Plus, I am all about texture and paper, so I figured I could probably come up with something similar using the mediums that I love the most.

I started with this plain, basic wooden sign from Michaels.

Sprayed it white, and I totally hated it. I had an idea in my head of where it would (hopefully) live and it just wasn’t working. So then it went black, because black works on pretty much every level. 🙂

Liked the black, but it needed to have more layers, so the front of the sign got covered in a french linen textured white cardstock, and that in turn got covered with a chunky chocolate-brown cardstock.

Now we’re getting somewhere!

I thought about doing the rest in vinyl, but I wanted to be able to finish the whole thing off with a couple of coats of sealer so it will last, so I stuck with paper. And I have to say, I am pretty happy with the final result.

Cute right? I think so!

and it’s living here for now…

Weird side note: I actually HATE birds. They totally freak me out. Long story about having chickens as a kid and having to collect eggs…I swear it attacked me.

But, I LOVE this table, it’s an antique I inherited from my parents. It used to be a dining room table, how cool is that? Somewhere, someone out there has the other half!

If you want to see how I made the vintage book bundle (pottery barn rip-off) you can find it here. And the antique skeleton keys I found on Ebay! I kept some extras for future projects, but the rest of my stock was snapped up by a local photographer!

I have been working on my office slowly but surely, and there is a reveal on the way…I am 90% finished my take on a gallery wall.  Now, if only the Calgary weather would cooperate and let me have just one more day of “good spraying”weather! I can’t tell you how tempted I have been to do it in a bathroom…shhh, don’t tell my hubby!


We are so close to 500 hits, and I did promise a giveaway when we reached it, so stay tuned for that.

Have a great day!!

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13 Responses to Family Tree Art

  1. Shannon B says:

    I’d like to order one for us please!! Love it!

  2. Thanks Shannon, and we will chat soon about all the details!

  3. Cat says:

    Love this project! I never seen these at Michaels but now I definitely want one.
    I found you at Flamingo Toes. New follower now!

  4. Jill says:

    What a fabulous look! I’m lovin all of it, especially the tree art 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by ‘Just Dream, Jelly Bean’ and your sweet comment!
    Have a great day and come back anytime
    much love

  5. What a cute idea! (I love the candle colors, too!)

  6. Cherie says:

    I haven’t been too crazy about birds either, but the longer the trend is out there, the more I seem to be enjoying them. This looks great. I’d love to find the sign at Michaels. It could be so many things!!

    • LOL, at least I am in good company then. I did consider trying to come up with something different, but, loved the original so much that I just stuck pretty similar to what they had. And, yes, the sign was a fun find, I will definitely be picking up more if I see them again!

  7. The family tree art looks lovely 🙂 Linking this up with us made the Creative Bloggers’ Party & Hop better and more special. Thank you!

  8. Rebecca says:

    The family tree art is so cute! Your table is awesome.

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