Office Reveal Part 1: Gallery wall…scrapbook style!

This office makeover has been a slow process!

Seems like life just happens whether you are ready for it or not!

Anyway, this is Part 1 of my new office/craft space reveal (does it seem more exciting if I break it down into parts? or can you tell I am totally buying more time to get stuff finished?)

When I began moving my furniture back into the office I wanted to change the layout. I used to have my “work” desk facing a wall, and while that worked fine sharing the room with our guest bed, I now had waaaay more options. And let’s just say I like moving furniture around! (hubby? him not so much)

Long story short, my work desk is now sticking out from the wall, and I get to face out into the room (and look at some new pretty shelves as a bonus!) But it left me with a big bare wall directly behind my back. Doesn’t bother me much when I am working, but when you walk into the office that’s your view. Not so pretty, and definitely not inspiring.

I am in LOVE with gallery walls.

I found a hideous fabulous gold and brown bamboo frame on clearance. This frame was a disaster thing of beauty. I saw it on a friday night at a store not too near our house but on the way home from a friend’s place. She didn’t come home with me that night. I swear, I was up for hours kicking myself, just knowing that someone else has already grabbed her. The next morning, the girls and I jumped into the truck to race back there be super productive and run tons of totally worthwhile errands which just happened to be in that neighbourhood. Really. Pinky Swear.

Bet you are dying to see her now aren’t you? Well, you can’t. I was so excited to start her fabulous makeover that I sort of skipped the “before” photos. Nice.

Whatever. She was gold, a really shiny terrible gold and a muddy-not-cute-brown.

Enough said.

Ready for some pictures?

I started by centering a quote onto the wall. I blocked it out with paper first, then cut it out of vinyl using my cricut. I did the script-y “love” in hot pink but I am still not fully loving it (haha) so I might still change it out to white. Let me know what you think!

My plan was to frame out the quote using my bamboo beauty, and then build a gallery wall around that. I also decided instead of using photos, I would use scrapbook paper.

I laid out all the frames onto my desk, playing with the spacing for a while. Honestly, I was totally going for the random kind of chaotic look, but…I think I am too organized? controlling? and I just couldn’t handle it! So it ended up being pretty symmetrical.

Once I had it pretty much planned out, I just started hanging. I didn’t measure anything, and I’m pretty sure that is the wrong way to go about it. Just sayin. I did, however, use the fabulous “hang n level” but I totally eyeballed it.  And, as some of the frames started to go up, I changed the placement a little.

Obviously, some of the frames hadn’t been painted white yet, and I won’t tell you how long it stayed like this because it’s kind of embarrassing!

But when I finally got my butt into gear, I finished spraying, removed all the mats and picked paper. I went with what I liked at that moment. It doesn’t all match, but it’s paper that I like, from projects that I loved. And, it’s super easy to change out when I am sick of it. One day it might even have photos, but for now I am loving the final result!

Whaaat? You’re still here? Impressive. You deserve a prize. How about a giveaway? It was supposed to be celebrating 500 hits on this brand new baby blog, but then I blinked and missed it. Insane. You guys rock my world!

Leave a comment on this post telling me what you like (or hate) about gallery walls.

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And another chance? Blog about me, share a fb post inviting your friends to come visit and let me know that you did!

I will draw a random winner next week and send out a special treat. Make sure you leave a way for me to contact you!


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12 Responses to Office Reveal Part 1: Gallery wall…scrapbook style!

  1. Christine says:

    That looks GREAT! I love the framed quote, very pretty idea. I bet the office looks awesome! I keep looking at gallery walls and I WANT to do one, but I have an odd shaped space (like a triangle turned to point to the right) and none of them seem to fit. But this I could probably add a frame to the right and it would fit right in 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the wall. I love the quote…and the paper…and the frames. I just have to try this at my house.

  3. This turned out AWESOME! I love the layering of words in the quote. Nice job!

  4. Visiting from A2Z… looks amazing! I’ve been trying to get up the courage to do this myself!

  5. Rebecca says:

    I love the gallery wall. 🙂 My favorite paper is the one with the unicycle. Great variety of paper and frames.

    Thanks for the chance to win a prize. =]
    searchingoutsimple at comcast dot net

  6. Rebecca says:

    I’ve liked you on facebook. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win a prize. =]
    searchingoutsimple at comcast dot net

  7. Karen robinson says:

    You ate way to creative! I guess That is why I order from you rather than make my own feeble attempts at creative-ness. Inlove the wall! The quote is perfect; may your new workspace bring you lots of inspiration

  8. Jeannie says:

    Love your wall. Its inspiring me to get my booty in gear and get my gallery wall done that I’ve had in my head forever 🙂

  9. Jori says:

    Love your wall! I would dearly love a gallery wall. You have given me some great inspiration!

  10. SJ says:

    This gallery is awesome! Thank you so much for linking up this great post at the Creative Bloggers’ Party & Hop 🙂

  11. This looks great! What a beautiful space to work in. You must be so inspired!

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