Craft room/Office Reveal…

Ok, before we get all excited – it’s not done!!

It’s close, but will probably always be a work in progress if you know what I mean:)

My before pictures seem to have mysteriously disappeared (or possibly I forgot to take them) so you are going to get lots of “during” pictures. This is the lovely green color that was on two of the walls before. (note the sarcasm? I HATE this color, but apparently the previous owners loved it, because it was everywhere!)

Gross right? I swear it looked worse in real life.

This is the first coat of a pretty blue, and I love it! It’s called Mirror and it’s from Rona. Once again, my pictures will not do it justice, but it’s soft and fresh and not cold like some blues can be. Second coat goes on…and then it gets weird. We notice these funny shiny patches on the two main walls. Like big random streaks, not obviously noticeable until you notice them and then that is all you see.

So my hubs sanded them all down and re-primed, then painted another two coats. And…THEY WERE STILL THERE. It was bizarre. We never did figure out for sure what had been done to that wall but when it was finally covered (after 7 coats of paint and primer that we don’t like to talk about) it was fabulous!! I adore it:) It literally makes me smile every time I walk into the room.

Wanna see some after pics?

This is my computer nook (nook sounds way cuter than “weird space tucked under the stairs” don’t ya think?)

First, you have to ignore the glare from the lamp! And the jumble of computer cords…just sayin. It’s not a bad place to tuck a work station, and this is just the computer area, my work desk is separate. (I am a lucky girl!!)

I  saw this Pier One chair and thought it would be AAAH-mazing,

Have to say though, didn’t love the $79.99 price tag (for a slipcover, not even a whole chair!!) I thought maybe I would be able to find it online somewhere cheaper. When I went into the store I was pretty disappointed. The background fabric is a really dingy cream, not white at all. And the soft colors are quite harsh looking in real life. Pretty happy I went to look at it before ordering somewhere.  I have seen some fabulous chair makeovers in blog land the last couple weeks…and since I have re-done a stool AND a bench I’m kind of an expert now no? So I am thinking it might be a project I could tackle. (hmm, the lack of sewing skills could be an issue)

Anyway, let’s just say that my computer nook needs a new chair, and possibly this adorable ruffly lampshade.

Tutorial @ Little Blue Prints

That is one corner of my room. Ready for more? To the right of my computer desk is a bathroom, (trust me, you don’t want to see it) and then this little angled wall.

Which turned out to be the perfect size for my jetmax cubes! Lots of paper storage, and the drawer units (which I adore) are set up for patterned paper as well as a drawer for each girl and one for family. Scentsy burner to keep my office smellin purty!

Next to that is my clip it up and another stack of paper storage towers. This is the wall with the gallery display on it, when you come into the office it’s what you see first. I am still in love with the gallery wall…

And my work desk. It’s beat up, and a bit of a beast. But, it was free – and no matter what project I am working on, I don’t have to worry about what happens to the surface! I did think about painting it, but it just works for now. And, usually it’s covered in stuff. I’m ok with that.

Oops. Sorry about the lamp! My office is in the basement, and has one small window. So, while trying to get the wall color to look right, every possible light source gets turned on. One day I might learn how to use my camera for real.

Look at the pretty quatrefoil bench beside the desk instead…it’s almost done:)

Across from my work desk are two huge filing cabinets that my hubby also re-finished for me (did I mention he rocks? he totally does)

They have files, project supplies, cricut cartridges and of course more paper. Slightly obsessed with paper.  Above that we hung two floating shelves for lots more storage and some pretty things. It actually has a few more things than normal on it, I usually keep it pretty neat since it’s what I stare at while working on projects.

There you have it, my mostly finished office/craft room. I love it:)

There are a few more finishing touches, I’m thinking about hanging a couple of my clipboards on the big empty spot under the window, for keeping track of orders and inspiration photos etc. The pretty bench might end up against the back wall with some comfy pillows for my girlies to come hang and visit with me while I work.

A clock…because apparently I lose all track of time while down here:)

Thanks for coming by! Have a great day:)

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10 Responses to Craft room/Office Reveal…

  1. Shannon says:

    Looks fab!!!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I love it! With some fabric and a hot glue gun you could recover a chair without a sewing machine. I love the lampshade too. Great job!

  3. Thanks Rebecca, there is definitely a chair redo in my future…heck, I am even pretty good with a staple gun!

  4. Kathy says:

    Oh my gosh, so much organization! This is incredible, well done!

  5. Cheri says:

    Wow! I am totally jealous….this is going to be shown to my ever-handy husband! You must be so thrilled…

    • Thank you! It’s been a long process, and I started out sharing the room with our guest room. But, I think it’s been worth it and one of my fave spots in the house!

  6. I just stumbled across this, amazing! I love that cabinet on the wall above your paper storage! What is it?

    • Thanks! I’m happy to say that the set up is still working really well for me. The cabinet is one I purchased from Michaels, possibly a making memories brand? I’m fairy certain they still carry it.

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