“Vintage” Piano bench re-do

I’m not sure that this bench counts as “vintage” (hence, the quotations!) but it was old, plain, and not very pretty when I found it. Definitely a candidate for a re-do. Out thrifting with a girlfriend on one of my very first trips out,  – won’t be the last that’s for sure – I snagged it for $9.99!

The employees at the thrift store definitely did not share my enthusiasm, even when I tried to explain that it was “solid wood” and “vintage” and going to look super cute all painted and stencilled. Sigh, oh well…

I had just recently discovered a new blog, a local-ish lady who does amazing things with thrift finds and she had recently posted her take on a piano bench.

Adorable right? You can find her here and check out some of her other projects, she is very creative! Anyway, I love the bench, (and the wallpaper) and if it wouldn’t be totally weird and slightly stalker-esque, I would knock on her door and ask to be her new best friend. (it is weird, I checked) But, I still stalk her blog on a weekly basis to see if she has made something that needs to be in my home. Just sayin.

Back to my bench, it was in decent shape even if it was somewhat lacking in the pretty, shapely legs department… took it all apart, gave it a good cleaning and some white primer.

Of course, quatrefoil is everywhere these days and it’s a pattern that I love. When I saw this stencil I knew I wanted to try it. It was fairly easy and quick to cut out, I used my fiskars fingertip knife.

I probably could have cut and printed a couple and lined them up perfectly, but…that’s not really how I work!

So I used this one stencil and hand-drew (is that a word??) the pattern over the whole top of the bench.

Once it was all drawn on, I used a tiny artist brush and hand painted the entire thing with chocolate-brown acrylic paint. First coat looked a little rough and I wasn’t sure it was going to look the way it did in my head (darn, hate it when that happens!)

But, after the second (and third) coats went on it looked pretty good! It’s far from perfect, and I thought about distressing it, but I decided against it for now. It might still happen down the road, we’ll see!

In hindsight, I probably should have wrapped the pattern up over the lip at the back, but it just didn’t occur to me at the time! Also, I left the inside pretty much as it was, other than a nice clean white paint job.

The great thing about this bench, is that is has so many purposes! It will easily double as extra seating at the kitchen table, and right now it lives beside my big work desk in the office. It is housing kids art supplies, so they are nice and close to mom for working on their projects. It would even work as a kids art desk, except the kids size chairs we have are slightly too tall and don’t leave them any leg room. If you had a footstool, it would probably work! Hmmm, I might have to check into this more:)

But I also think it looks super cute as a little end table!

I said before I had been bitten by the DIY bug, and I have some (hopefully!!) amazing projects in the works. I spent a rainy day garage sale-ing with some crazy ladies whom I adore, and besides having a ton of fun, I came home with a whole bunch of new things to work on. Including a REALLY ugly chair, that I was somehow talked into (even though my sewing skills are still non-existent) and a solid maple headboard for $2.00!

My hubby is away this week (don’t worry, we did father’s day yesterday!) so I am doing the single mom thing. Hopefully I will still have some time to sneak down to my office (gotta love school nights – early bedtime!) and get some other things finished up!

Have a great day:)

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18 Responses to “Vintage” Piano bench re-do

  1. love your bench redo! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You’re a no-reply blogger so I wanted to stop by and say thanks and let you know the rest of the party is posted (it’s linked within the original post).

  2. Lovely bench, I have one I got from Salvation Army Thrift Store for – – – are you ready – – -$3 – in perfect condition. I haven’t done anything to it – – yet!
    Really love yours.

    • Wow! $3, hmmm, now I am a little jealous:)
      I have a feeling our thrift stores up here don’t compare very well pricewise to what you guys in the US can find. Think I can convince the hubs to do a trip down south just to go thrifting? LOL

  3. Deborah says:

    WOW! What an AMAZING transformation!! You DEFINITELY have the”knack!” Thank you so much for your very kind comment on my puny little blog. (Ooops paint is paint from a retail store that was mixed for somebody else, and that person didn’t buy it; OR it’a a mistaken mix. Ooops paints sell for less than 20% of retail…nice way to build up our stash! lol)

  4. It looks great! What a good idea!

  5. This is super fabulous! I cannot believe you hand painted all of that detail work! More patience than me and it completely paid off. It does look perfect and I am quite impressed.


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  7. gentis says:

    love the stencil pattern! i’m dying to tackle a half bath with one similar but hubs isn’t convinced! love love love it on the bench! xx!

  8. Thanks you guys! I am super excited to have been featured on Home stories A2Z as a featured tip/tute not to miss:)
    Totally made my day!!

  9. Heather says:

    Super cool bench! I am loving the lattice pattern nowadays. I did a stencil pattern on canvas with acrylics–and you’re right–seems iffy at first but after the 2nd coat goes on, it starts shaping up nicely.

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE the bench!!! That pattern is beautiful! Was wondering if you could, by chance, tell me where you got that bird print? My husband just adopted my son (from my 1st marriage) and our party was “bird” themed. There are 4 of us in the family and that picture is just perfect!!!!!!

  11. Thanks Tricia, and the bird print is actually a sign that I made. It’s not difficult, and I can walk you through the steps if you like or, I found the inspiration on etsy as a customizable photo you could frame. Email if you need details or the link to the etsy shop!

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  13. I love how your piano bench turned out…it looks GREAT!!!

    Thanks for visiting & following my blog…I’m following back…;-)

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