Family Tree Art part 2…

I have had a few people ask for details on how to put together their own version of the family tree art that I originally showed here so I have put together a quick tutorial for you guys.

I started with a plain wooden sign that I found at Michaels in the unfinished wood section.

I sprayed it black, a couple of coats. Measuring the sign, I cut a piece of heavy white  textured cardstock the same size and adhered it to the front side of the sign. I used mod podge, in a matte finish. Make sure your edges are glued well, and don’t worry about any overhang. If you need to, go back with a fine grit sanding block and just remove any excess or uneven bits of paper.

I cut a slightly smaller piece of textured brown cardstock and layered it on top, again using mod podge. You may want to use a brayer (or something similar) to make sure your paper is nice and flat. At this point, your base layers are finished.

Using my gypsy I found a bare tree branch that I liked, if you don’t have access to a gypsy but you do have a cricut, the branch I used was on the cartridge called  Home Decor. I cut it out at about 11″ but that would depend on the size of your sign. If you don’t have access to a cricut you could try to freehand a branch and cut it out. If you are less talented (like me) and still draw stick people, I have seen scrapbook paper with branches on it, you could cut one out and use it as a stencil.

 I also used my gypsy to cut out the birds, (Wall Decor and More cartridge) and flipped two so that they were facing each other. I cut two slightly larger, for the parents and two for our girls. Obviously you will cut as many as are appropriate for your family!

I used a liquid glue pen to adhere the branch and also the birds. I find if you use a “dry” adhesive such as a glue runner you can get bubbles or warping when you cover your final product with a sealer.

I added our last name in two different font styles, but I think they were both off of the Opposites Attract cartridge.

Make sure your glued layers are completely dry and then brush on a couple of coats of mod podge to seal it in. I used a foam brush and brushed it on horizontally. My brown cardstock had the same horizontal lined texture and I wanted to play that up.

Once your sealer is completely dry you are done! Here is another version I created for my sister. I think the cherry blossoms turned out really cute, and totally suit her.

Create your sign in any color combo that you like, or try using patterned paper as your base. Birds could be done different colors for boys and girls, and if you had a larger size sign you could cut out a full tree and have your birds grouped on it. If you make one, I would love to see it! Send me a picture:)

And, I managed to find the  etsy shop where I saw the original inspiration for mine. So, if you don’t feel up to making one yourself, she has them up in her shop again.

I hope that helped, if you have any more questions just let me know! Have a great day:)

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4 Responses to Family Tree Art part 2…

  1. I love this and cannot wait to make one of my own!

  2. Thanks, and if you do I would really love to see it! Make sure you send me a picture:)

  3. Oh my goodness, how adorable. Thanks for popping by & leaving a comment about our tea party decorations. We’ll be having the party soon & I’ll be posting lots more photos. Good luck with yours.

    Warmly, Michelle

  4. your signs are adorable!

    can’t believe we have very similar pieces? you are lucky that you have the three piece set, i would love to have that! as far as my turquoise dresser goes, yes, it is all wood. however, i heard that laminate is just as easy to spray paint as anything else out there! i am NO spray painting expert at all, i just kinda play around and see if something works, honestly, if it doesn’t, i am only out a couple bucks on spray paint right? the dresser or whatever else i happened to be spray painting started out pretty ugly, hence the spray paint in the first place, so i can’t make it that much worse!

    i follow a blog called sassy style, not sure if you do or not, but girlfriend spray paints just about everything you can imagine! i am pretty sure she talked about spray painting laminate wood too! check her out and this link, might make you feel more confident to go and grab a can of paint and get started:

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