My First Chair Re-do!

So, I know everyone all over blog-land is doing chairs…and I pretty much love them all! I have been working (slowly, it’s been a long process – anyone sensing a theme here?) on my oldest daughter’s bedroom. She had a desk in the corner, it’s an antique but it didn’t have a chair. (The desk got a re-do too and I will show you that next week!) We stuck one of the extra kitchen chairs in there “temporarily” and it stayed.

I found a chair on kijiji, it was free…

Score right? I thought so, that is until I drove all the way across town and realized the previous owner had neglected to mention that it had a few “issues”…

This being the most major. Yikes. It was literally held together with some glue and twine. And not even wood glue. LOL, but really, if you are going to try something new, why not have it be on something that will really give you a challenge? And, free, so if it looks awful (or breaks in a couple of months)no biggie.

The seat wasn’t even actually attached. Which, turned out to be kind of a bonus – less work taking it apart! (looking on the bright side people) Did I mention this chair came with a cute little mirror? It did, and I honestly have no idea how she took the picture and made them both look so sweet. The mirror was completely un-salvagable.

Took the chair apart, and pried off the twine, gave it a good cleaning and sanding. I managed to get the joint back together by taking apart a couple of the other areas of the chair and got it in place with wood glue, and clamps. Once it dried and seemed fairly secure I tried to repair the area with some wood filler. It’s not perfect, but it’s ok. And it’s on the underside of the chair, so hardly noticeable.

Then I got to work peeling back some not very nice layers of fabric. Like this one – Ewwwww.

Is it weird that I kind of like this one? It’s pretty (other than the whole yuck factor)




Once all the fabric was removed, the foam was in pretty bad shape so I got rid of that too. Starting from the bare wood seat base (which, thankfully was stain-free!) I cut new foam and wrapped that with a plain cotton material. Mostly because the material we chose as the new seat cover is a thin cotton and I wanted to give it a bit of extra help, and partly because the woman at the fabric store told me I had to.

Staple gun, LOTS of staples…and the seat was all fresh and pretty!

Meanwhile, the chair got primed and painted with Heirloom white. And when they finally got together again –

What do you think? Not bad for a first timer?

It’s a sweet little chair, which fits perfectly into Meghan’s room with the antique desk 

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3 Responses to My First Chair Re-do!

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  2. Suzanne says:

    I think it’s a wonderful first effort. The chair is adorable and can hardly wait to see it’s partner, the desk 🙂

    Visiting from Miss Mustand Seed’s Linky Party Tonight, from NW Illinois.

    Smiles, Suzanne

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