Antique Desk Reveal

Last week I showed you the sweet little chair I re-did as part of my daughter’s on-going bedroom makeover. This is the desk to go along with it.

It has been in Meghan’s room for about a year now, and before that it kind of bounced all over our family. I don’t remember exactly where it came from, it’s just always kind of been there. (or maybe I have a really bad memory)

Anyway, it sat in her room along with an extra kitchen chair and she used it to do her art projects and all the other really important things that an almost 7-year-old likes to do. Unfortunately, at some point, the drawer was broken and instead of being repaired the front just got nailed into place. (wasn’t me I swear!!) And that is where we started.

I found a gentleman on our local kijiji who built a drawer to my measurements, and I attached to the existing drawer front. It fit perfectly and was probably a lot stronger than the original drawer. I know that building a drawer is probably about as basic as it comes, however, power tools and I do not play nicely together (YET…insert evil laugh here)

Now, I like using spray paint for a lot of projects, but this was my first attempt using it on furniture. I cleaned, sanded and primed (spray primer) and then painted. And painted. And painted again. It’s entirely possible I was doing it wrong…but I  just did not get a nice even result.

Eventually, and I do mean eventually! It was nicely covered. Looked pretty good even. Just a little plain. So I took a sanding block to it and did some distressing along the edges, down the legs, and a bit on top and on the front of the drawer. I think it helped to nicely emphasize the pretty curves of the legs and gives it a bit more dimension.

We picked out some new drawer hardware, but since neither one of us is completely in love with it we will be changing it again soon!

I finished it off with a couple of coats of clear protector in a satin finish. Just to help the surfaces withstand a little more abuse! Although I think any more dings and scratches it gets will just add to its charm.

Now it sits prettily in the corner along with its sweet little chair, and I have an almost finished bedroom and one happy girl!

We still have to finish off the little wall in the nook above her bed, I have been collecting frames and almost have enough to do another version of a gallery wall.  I picked up a big “M” and when she saw it being sprayed to match the frames she told me “now when I wake up in the morning and look up, I will remember my name is Meghan”. LOL, I love her so much!

She needs a new dresser (not sure I want to take that on as a project tho!) as well as a mirror to hang above it. And then, her room will be pretty much finished!

Have a great week 🙂

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5 Responses to Antique Desk Reveal

  1. natashagoes says:

    Really cute! Nice work. The distressed look is so pleasant.

  2. Thanks, I am pretty pleased with how it turned out!

  3. What a darling piece. PS – Please do blog about your tea party!

    Warmly, Michelle

  4. Thanks so much, and I have one in the works (or a couple actually) Michelle! I am lucky enough to have a girlfriend who is a fab photog and she took a ton of pics during the party. So, waiting to be able to use hers!

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