It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Have you seen those commercials yet? I haven’t, but I am sure it’s because I haven’t been paying attention (thank you PVR). To be honest, those commercials used to annoy me, I mean, really, what kind of parent looks forward to sending their kids back to school?

Umm, hello? The kind of parent who has kids obviously!!

We have had a wonderful summer full of lots of fun activities and good times. Hopefully the kind that will leave the girls with great memories…

The look on Meghan’s face kills me, and for the record, Chelsea actually did enjoy this ride…afterwards! Pretty happy the hubby likes doing rides like this, cuz my face would probably look a lot like Chelsea’s if I had to do it. Seatbelts???

We did a few little trips, and there were a couple of weeks of VBS, Chelsea started to ride a 2 wheeler – with training wheels – but still, it was a big day!

and Meghan turned 7!!

 But we are definitely ready for school to begin again.

For Meghan, Thursday will be her first day of grade 2! We are very excited, and just a teeny bit nervous.

And my baby. Chelsea is going into her very first year of preschool, which for me is exciting and terrifying all rolled up into one big emotional ball. (I will be the mom blubbering in the parking lot after drop off. It won’t be pretty!)

Anyone want to meet up for coffee and bailey’s? 🙂

We did a little decorating in honor of the occasion!

Something about September, piles of paper and freshly sharpened pencils. Brightly colored crayons, I love it all. Probably didn’t love it quite so much when I was actually in school.

Anyone need a cute back to school teacher gift? How about putting together one of these?

It’s super simple, just use a square glass vase that is shorter than your pencils. However, be sure to use a glue that is specifically made for non porous surfaces. I have seen a ton of these tutorials around that say to use a hot glue gun. Which is fine, if you are just making it to take a picture of it, but if you are planning to actually give it to someone, you want to make sure it can hold up!! Just sayin.

I will have pictures soon from Meg’s tea party birthday party, it was so fun and turned out really cute!

And I have almost finished a furniture redo, this one was fairly major and I am totally in love with the way they have turned out…stay tuned!


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