Let them eat (cup)cakes…

This is the second post about our Tea Party birthday party, the first post yesterday showed you the some of the decor, DIY projects and party set up and you can see that here.

Today, we are going to share the fun craft we made, all the delicious food and the girls goody bags, along with some more fabulous party pictures!

Just before our party, we had Prince William and Princess Kate visit our city during their Canadian tour. What is more British than a tea party? So, of course, for a craft we made “fascinators”

We had set up a craft table, and recruited a few friends to help man the hot glue guns. The girls got to choose from a bunch of embellishments. We had tulle, flowers, giant “diamonds” and a few different colors of feathers.

Once the girls had decided on their embellishments and how they wanted to have them arranged, they were hot glue gunned onto a hair comb. Once they dried, we had a bit of a fashion show and a fab photo-op!!

Isn’t she stunning?


I originally saw this frame idea over at Faith, Trust and a little Pixie Dust and I loved it! We don’t have anywhere to hang it like she did, but I thought this was really cute too.

I found a large frame on clearance, and sprayed it teal to match the rest of the party. When the girls had their fascinators in place, they each had their photo taken inside the frame!

I love how they turned out! Here’s just a few…


Pretty dresses!

I think the white lattice, with the teal frame and the girls’ bright clothes look amazing!

Once our mini photo session was finished all the girls sat down for tea (lunch).

We had picked a few varieties of (non caffeinated) loose tea, and along with that we served finger sandwiches

veggies with hummus

fruit trays

and a WHOLE lot of fabulous baked goodies.

A BIG thank you to my mom, (grandma Val) who not only did all of the fabulous baking, but came over early and took care of putting together all of the other food too. Love you!

Her shortbread cookies were even little butterflies that coordinated perfectly with the butterfly place cards (total fluke, great minds and all that!)

We had personalized water bottles


And of course, cupcakes!

You can’t tell, but the little candle on top was actually a tea-cup.

All in all, I think the girls enjoyed themselves,

And, for the record, I totally apologized for the insane amount of sugar that was consumed at this party!!


Birthday Girl’s little sis 🙂

For the girls’ goody bags, we took their cup and saucer along with a tea-spoon, and a bag of tea and wrapped it with cellophane and a pretty ribbon.

And had each guest sign their names, for a cute little keepsake!

That was our party! I hope you enjoyed the pictures:)

Now for some business, most of the items used at the party were made by me, however, the butterfly place cards were ordered from here, and the coordinating water bottle labels, thank you tags and guest sign in sheet were from here.

Pictures provided by Domenica at Proudest Monkey Photography.

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4 Responses to Let them eat (cup)cakes…

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  2. Hi Nicole, Thanks for sharing this with me! How adorable. I’m only sad that I didn’t get to come! Ha ha. I can tell the girls had such a great time. And your food looks so pretty. Where did you find the tea cups that you gave as favors?

  3. Thanks Michelle:)
    We collected the tea cups from a bunch of places, some second hand stores, garage sales and some off our local kijiji. We wanted to have them all different, and I love how it turned out.

  4. Oh my goodness! This big girl would love to have such a wonderful party! 🙂

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