Nightstand Redo – Annie Sloan style

I am more than a little behind in posting these beauties…they have been finished and are already living in our master bedroom! But, I am SUPER proud of how they turned out. I have done a couple little furniture pieces, including a desk and chair for Meg’s room, and a vintage style piano bench but this is my first big project.

And…drumroll please, it’s also my first experience using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP)

Did you know that Calgary has a local stockist for Annie Sloan? The very talented Tara of Lauren Lane Decor carries it and she has just opened up a brand new studio. ASCP is by no means inexpensive, it runs about $50 per quart. Not gallon. Quart. However, everyone says (and I can now say it’s true) – it lasts forever. True Story.

There is a smaller “starter” package that she sells, but since I needed two colors, this was the best deal. I chose graphite and old white. If you check out pics on any of the 8 billion blogs who have projects and reviews on ASCP you will soon realize that “old white” is actually cream. It’s pretty, but since our master bedroom is being re-done in neutrals, specifically grey, black and white I didn’t want cream. Annie Sloan does have a pure white available now, but in early August when I bought this it wasn’t in Canada yet and I didn’t want to couldn’t wait.

This is what I started with…

A Kijiji find, I picked up two of these night stands plus a dresser. For some reason I didn’t take a pic of them all together. Oh well. You can use your imagination…this one was in the best shape. (not bad for its age…)

The second one had a big chunk missing out of the corner of the bottom drawer. I thought about removing the drawer completely and turning the bottom into a shelf, but I really had my heart set on them being the same. So I played around a bit, and turns out you can totally build up furniture with wood filler. Who knew? Yeah, probably lots of people. Not me. But it works. I just kind of gobbed it on in layers and built it up into the general shape I needed and then sanded it down. Wasn’t too terribly complicated.

One of the (many) reasons ASCP is so fab is that it sticks to anything, eliminating the need for sanding, priming etc which makes it ideal for impatient new-to-diy people. I gave the night stands a good washing, and I did fill in a few spots that had big gouges but the rest I ignored. The whole thing got a coat of the beautiful graphite color (dark grey, but when you wax it, it looks almost like slate). I actually did two coats on each, probably overkill, but this paint dries so fast and is so easy to work with that I didn’t mind at all.

Doesn’t she have pretty legs?

The second step was to mix a tiny bit of the graphite into some of the old white paint, and my theory was that if I “dirtied” it up a bit, it would seem more like a soft grey than cream. I think it worked pretty well, and I am  happy with the results. The only thing I didn’t really think about was mixing up a double batch…so I had to cross my fingers when it came time to do the second one and hope I had a fairly close match.

Two coats of my custom color blend, and once it dried I started to distress it so the dark grey would show through. I wanted a pretty heavily distressed look, and in some places even got down to bare wood.

At this point you apply the wax and buff it to a sheen. I am still not entirely certain I was doing it right, but the wax was pretty easy to work with. Smelled kind of like Burt’s bees, so not at all unpleasant.

I thought about changing out the hardware, but I felt like the shape of the original suited it so well and so I chose to dry brush them with the graphite paint.


And then I got to do it all over again one more time!

Here are my finished twin beauties:)

Not a bad color match right? And really, there’s a whole bed in between them!

I lined the drawers with pretty wallpaper, for a couple of reasons.  The drawer interiors weren’t in perfect condition. I might be currently obsessed with wallpaper. And there may or may not have been an ick factor that I wanted to eliminate.

So, our master bedroom went from this –

No judging. We know it’s bad. Makes for a better “after” picture though right?  

To this!!

Not a bad start right? We obviously found a headboard, and changed out the bedding. I still have a pretty big list to work through.

Want a little sneak peek of what might be on that list?

Did I already mention I am currently obsessed with wallpaper? We may have had a dozen samples or so taped all over the bedroom for a month while.

And my next project?

The dresser that came with my night stands, and I am happy to report that she is almost finished. I had something completely different in mind for her, and she is lookin good!!

Have a great day!

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17 Responses to Nightstand Redo – Annie Sloan style

  1. Tara jamieson says:

    Nicole – it came out FABULOUS! Way to go!

  2. Gorgeous! I LOVE this! Found you on the Home Stories A to Z link party 🙂

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  4. Jenna says:

    I love the nightstands! And where did you get that cool silver flower on top of it? I love that!

  5. Sarah C. says:

    Gorgeous! Searching inspiration for a nightstand/dresser makeover in my own bedroom, I came across your nightstands on Pinterest. Great idea to paint & reuse the hardware. Need to keep that in mind. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  6. Claire says:

    Did you use the dark wax or clear wax? One of each? I love these and have the perfect nightstands to complete this project on! Thanks for posting 🙂

    • I only used clear wax on these night tables. I hadn’t worked up the courage to use the dark back then lol!
      We have had them in our bedroom since their makeover (with one coat of wax FYI) and they have held up perfectly!

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  8. Everyone loves what you guys are usually up too. This
    sort of clever work and coverage! Keep up the fantastic works guys
    I’ve added you guys to blogroll.

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  10. paloma perez says:

    What paint color/brand did you use that gave it that dark matte grey? I actually love the night stands in just that dark matter gray color (I can picture it with crystal knobs) Also did it become matte because of the wax?

  11. paloma perez says:

    Thanks so much I was also wondering… I read that a lot of people water down the paint because it is very thick and they more for their buck if the water it. Your nighstands seem to be the darkest graphite for Annie Sloan I’ve seen online. Did you water your paint down? Or did you use the paint as it? Also about how much of the paint bucket did you use for these two? Sorry for all the questions but I am starting on a project and would love my night stand to be the color of yours!

    • It’s no problem.
      I didn’t water mine down at all, and I did two coats. The paint is thick and does take some getting used to but it does go a long way. It was a whole ago but I think I probably didn’t even use a quarter of the can for those two night stands.
      You will end up with “texture” in your paint, but let it dry and then lightly sand it down and it will be perfectly smooth. The wax finish also helps with having that perfectly smooth finish. Good luck!

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