It’s spook-tacular!

I have to say, decorating for Halloween is kind of new to me. I think we put out a few orange candles last year, and a couple other random things. The girls “helped” carve pumpkins with Jonah but I think that was about it.

This year is completely different! I had a few  ideas, and had seen some things online that I wanted to try. So, without further ado…here is some of our Halloween decor!

I started with a  fabulous tarnished silver tray (second-hand shop score at $1) and added a couple of our potion jars. Picked up a paper mache skull from Michaels, painted it dark grey first, then did a couple of messy layers of Martha Stewart’s acrylic paint in “pearl” (love that stuff) until it had a bit of a ghostly sheen to it. Meghan added the black spider to the eye socket. Finished it off with a crystal bud vase with a tiny bit of bling in it – we are going for a somewhat “glamorous” Halloween here! Lots of sparkle and glass:)

Here’s the mantle –

I have to say, this might be the “fullest” mantle I have ever done, but I really quite like the way it looks with all the layers and different heights. Meghan and I made the potion bottles together, we collected some different bottles and jars over the last month and came up with titles and ingredients. We made the antique dye from the recipe we found over at Polish the Stars and I love the way it turned out. You basically brush it on right over your printer paper labels, and then bake it for just a few minutes. Watch it in the oven very carefully, the edges will start to curl up and you want to pull it out at exactly the right time! Then we just glued them down onto our bottles and jars. Great project to do with a little helper.

Let’s take a closer peek…

We used molasses for our “hag extract”. Try to pretend you don’t recognize it as a Chambord bottle, (many martinis were consumed to procure this fabulous little glass bottle, it was a tough job, thankfully my hubby makes really good ones)

The “mummy dust” is ground oatmeal, with a spider added in for good measure. And we couldn’t possibly settle for the regular mummy dust, nope, our is from Australia and apparently, that makes it very rare!

“Pickled unicorn brains”  sigh, these need to stay in the fridge and only come out for company and photo ops. Don’t ask me how I know. (Chick peas)

Down at the other end we have:

“crystallized tears” (the crystal-y stuff you find at the dollar store that absorbs water in flowers)

“fire dried snake scales” (red lentils, cause really? what else are you going to use them for?)

and last but certainly not least we have “blood of the undead” this one was Meg’s favourite to make. We took regular old hand sanitizer and mixed it up with red food coloring. It has really great bubbles throughout it that look fantastic-ly creepy up close.

The potions we have on the silver tray are “brain jelly” (mint hand soap) and “dehydrated maggots” (some kind of whole spice seed that I bought for a recipe and have since lost the label for…Domenica? It’s from the planet organic soup class??)

There is a cut crystal decanter full of poison, and we added in a bunch of pumpkins, most of which came from Michaels but a few from the dollar store that were given a quick makeover with spray paint. Candles and candlesticks, and a creepy bird. Let’s face it, birds are generally creepy. What? It’s not just me…lots of people are terrified of creeped out by birds. True Story.

Hope you have a happy Halloween. I have a sweet princess and a “good” witch hanging around my house for the next couple of weeks:)

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4 Responses to It’s spook-tacular!

  1. Love the pickled unicorn brains…I hear they make excellent hummus…


  2. Kathy says:

    Hi, I love your halloween post. I would never have guessed that decorating for halloween was new for you. I love the labels, they look so old.
    Thanks for sharing, drop by my site for a little more halloween. Kathy

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