It’s a rough life.

No, it’s not really. Actually, I’m quite blessed and have a truly amazing life. It’s just that when I started to write this post, and began to  type in titles…well, let’s just say it went something like this “the day I spent with the Johns”. Hmmm.

Can I tell you about my day? It was amazing. And I have lots of pictures, and I REALLY wish I was a fabulous photographer because I just didn’t do it justice. So, grab a cup of coffee and get comfy – this could be a long one!

I ‘m a fan of kijiji, and not just because it is a weird addiction, or because I am cheap. But it is, and I’m not 😉

I had come across an ad a number of times previously for a gentlemen selling antique doors and windows, and it always intrigued me. Just not enough to do anything about it. But when a girlfriend of mine told me she was looking for a window to start a mantel transformation I knew just the place to start!

We got to go this morning, it was a beautiful old house in a rather fabulous neighbourhood right down by the river. We brought pretty little helpers.

Who, for the record, were bribed within an inch of their lives. I mean really, who brings preschoolers to a room full of antique windows. Apparently, us. It all works out, I promise.

This is John.

Oops, he has a face in real life. Swear. Maybe next time it won’t be so sunny and shadowy all at the same time and I will try again!

By the time John answered his front door, my girlfriend Karen and I had already found about 100 5 things we were in love with. I think I told him I was going to be his new best friend. He’s probably afraid of me now. I may have been a tad over excited.

Turns out, John is an artist, a collector and one of those people who has a story about everything. A really interesting story, kind of makes you want to stay for days and listen. And he didn’t just have doors and windows. Nope, he had EVERYTHING.

Wanna see some pictures? I tried to narrow it down, I took about 100. Did I mention the excitement?

Ok, first a little business. Check out the windows. All shapes and sizes, with the most delicious layers of chippy paint…

We left with 3 of them:)

Look at the old door. One of probably hundreds. 

Check this out –  rocking horse heaven!

I think there were 6 or 7 out there, plus this AMAZING one I found inside the house.

I think this one would even get Miss Mustard Seed’s stamp of approval!

Steamer trunks, all shapes, sizes and colors

There was furniture too, little old-fashioned desks, all kinds of tables in every shape and size imaginable. Chairs everywhere, like this one

That is exactly the sort of chair I am looking for to replace our current kitchen chairs with. Done in Annie Sloan white, would be so lovely. (umm, hint to the hubby – maybe starting a “chair” fund would be a wicked birthday present. I’m just sayin)

At this point our little helpers were cold, and had run out of snacks. (did I mention the bribes?) so we tucked them into the truck with a movie, and kept looking!

I can’t even begin to tell you everything we saw here, and I am sure we didn’t see everything. There were bird-cages, all sorts of old signs and memorabilia, glass bottles, art work, (oh! the picture frames were to die for) and lots of steer (?) antlers, old jukeboxes, radios, books, collectibles, guns (is it ok to call guns cute?) lamps, bowls of antique door knobs.

And this.

This is where my lack of photography skills really hurts. This typewriter was absolutely gorgeous. And I am sure, way out of my budget!  The cowboy hat is one of John’s originals by the way. He had his own art sprinkled throughout, and the man has serious talent.

Need a topiary decorated with necklaces and sunglasses?

Vintage light fixtures, old signs, wagon wheels (love the hot pink) and even more antlers. Is that the right word? Kind of makes me think about reindeer.

So much to see. We both came out with a bunch of stuff, and the girls were still being rock stars.

Time to make good on our bribe, so…

Gourmet hand-made chocolates from Epiphanie Chocolates?

Yes please!

Hmmm, this is where I am supposed to add a picture of the owner, John. (it’s all making sense now right??)

But, apparently I was too busy eating and didn’t take one. It’s ok, I will go back and try again. Cause I am just that dedicated. Has almost nothing to do with the fact that the chocolate is ridiculously good.


Or the fact that every time I go in, I try to convince John to sell me this cute vintage toy truck.

Can you think of a better way to spend a day?

Combing through a house/yard packed full of interesting things, listening to some of the stories of how they came to be or what they were used for.

Followed by hot mochas and divine chocolates. I had one made with pink peruvian salt. (and possibly a Tahitian blonde – one of my faves)

Even our helpers agreed, it was a great day!

 I hope your day was just as great as mine! Now, if only my house was self-cleaning…

Thanks for coming by!

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7 Responses to It’s a rough life.

  1. Wow! Where the heck is this place?

  2. LOL, I guess I should have said that somewhere!! It’s here in downtown Calgary, Ab:)
    And you can bet I will be going back…sooner rather than later!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Oh my goodness, how awesome.

  4. Maggie says:

    Ho-ly moley! That is the best place evah! 🙂

  5. Wooooowwww I don’t know if I could leave anything behind in a place full of treasures like that! What an amazing day!!! Thank you SO much for linking up at crafty scrappy happy—shoot I want to go shopping NOW!

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