Farmhouse Table & Chairs

This project was an adventure for me!

I was asked to re-do a table and two chairs, and my only direction was “shabby chic”. You really do have to love clients that put that much trust in your abilities, but it does amp up the pressure! What if she doesn’t like it?? I am pretty happy with the way it all came together, and I learned a few new skills in the process (bonus).

Here is what I started with:Someone had previously started to strip the table, so there were more than a few layers of paint (and a whole ton of paint drips 😦 ) to work around.  The table top itself had a lot of stains and marks in the wood, and the chair legs were all pretty loose. We spent quite a few hours in the garage, cleaning, sanding, tightening bolts and then re-glued all the chair legs.

The chairs were up first, and were painted with 2 coats of Annie Sloan’s pure white.The messy part! But at least it was above freezing, and the sun was shining. I randomly sanded down various bits of the chairs to let some of the other colors and bare wood poke through.

I love the indentation on these chairs, and made sure to distress that part heavily so we got lots of color coming through. Looks pretty pale and soft here, but once it was waxed and buffed the colors really deepen.

Moving onto the table, I painted the base with 2 coats of the same pure white.

My hubby (who has stronger arms than me!!) helped me sand down the table top, it had a lot of damage and the marks were pretty deep. I picked a dark stain (Kona) in the hopes that I could blend things a little better and it would look more like it had been around for years and years instead of just being sad and neglected.

Here is top once we finished sanding – you can see how bad the scarring still is.First coat of stain going on! This was a big moment for me, I had never used stain before and was pretty nervous.I ended up doing 4 coats of stain before I was finally happy with how it was looking.To finish off the top and protect the surface I did 4 coats of wipe on poly in a satin finish. Sanding lightly between each coat. Let’s just say I have some major house cleaning to catch up on now!!

The table has a cute little drawer, but it had a lot of damage to the front. I had to sand it right down to bare wood, then painted it with Annie Sloan’s duck egg blue, and went over that with the pure white (that way, when I distressed it later there would be a color to come through instead of bare wood – it would match the table and chairs better) Then it had a new knob installed to replace the broken one, I painted it the duck egg blue just to have a little pop of color!

Then I went back and distressed the table base, gave it two coats of clear wax and buffed it to a nice soft sheen.

Here she is:)I love all the great detail on the legs, and with the bits of green and blue showing through they really stand out.

All ready for dinner!A closer look at some of the distressing.

I hope you like it Patty!

Now, time to do a quick very thorough clean up before I start my next project;)

I have a magazine table almost done, just needs to be waxed and buffed. Then I have this chair –It’s going to go into my kitchen, as I slowly replace all my dying leather chairs. I am was debating color still, I didn’t think I wanted white chairs, because I have an antique buffet that was going to be white with a dark-stain top. But, I “borrowed” Patty’s white chairs while they were still here, and staged my kitchen with them. Turns out, I love the way they look!! I have a lipstick red kitchen(that I love, and am NOT changing anytime soon) Alongside our super dark kitchen table the white is a nice pop. So, now the question becomes what color to do the buffet in?! Paris grey comes to mind…but I am open to suggestions!

Thanks for coming by!

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11 Responses to Farmhouse Table & Chairs

  1. Love the table!! I wanted to do something similar to my dining room table, but my husband was a little nervous! Now I can show your picture…and say see this is how it’s gonna look! Thank you so much!! 😉

  2. Vicky says:

    I like it! It is a very lovely space……….keep on creating 🙂 The color of paint really comes alive once you apply the wax, it’s amazing.

  3. Candles says:

    I’ve always admired folks that can do what you do to old furniture! I know my limitations when it comes to patience! Oh well, guess I’ll have to hire someone to redo my very old tired coffee table! Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us and have a great day

  4. It’s turned out beautifully! Was your client happy with it? If not, feel free to pass it on! (LOVE the blue on the drawer!)

  5. Smashing! Hope she loves it!

  6. Jacqueline says:

    Beautiful table and chairs, I love a dark stain top on a table.

  7. gail says:

    thank you for your very nice comment about my Faux Pocket Watch! how sweet!

    I love the table and chairs makeover! I bet whoever asked you to do it will LOVE it! Great Job!

  8. Janey says:

    Cute! I just refurbished a bed, and really I want a table and chairs to be my next project, but I’m terrified lol, I think it’s a little beyond me. I love the stained top. It turned out wonderful.

    Stopping by from Think Pink Sundays!

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