Vintage Chalkboard Trays

I have a few projects on the go, ok, more like a dozen or so – but they are starting to come together! My mom reminded me recently that I work best under pressure. LOL, I blame her. (just kidding, love you mom!!)

Today’s project is fairly quick and easy. I made a couple of chalkboard trays. These are floating all over blog land, but I decided to use ASCP. I seriously adore this paint. I think I say that every time I use it, but there isn’t anything I have tried to do with it that hasn’t worked out even better than I imagined.

I started with a vintage silver tray I picked up this week on a thrifting trip with a girlfriend, it was cheap, and had funky marks on the front. Like someone had left Easter eggs sitting on top.

But it also has really pretty detailed edges.I know that since I used ASCP I could have done my “chalkboard” in any color (and I may do another still) but I went with the traditional dark grey/black. Luckily for me, I still have a quarter can of graphite left! It takes 3 coats of paint in order to have a chalkboard surface (thanks to Tara @ Lauren Lane Decor for always having the answers to my questions!) While this paint dries pretty quickly, I did stick it under my desk lamp in between coats. Patience is not really a strong suit here.After my graphite was on and had dried for a bit, I covered the edges all over with old white, and then went back and hit the raised details with a light coat of paris grey.

I wasn’t crazy about how sloppy my edges looked so I went back and taped it out with painters tape and just went over the line again with more old white. It’s still not perfect, but it looks better.

I gave the edges a coat of clear wax, for added protection, but you need to leave the chalkboard surface un-waxed.The first time I wrote on it, then tried to wipe it off I was a little worried, it didn’t erase completely, but I was told to use a damp cloth (barely wet) and it worked perfectly.

37 D.A.Y.S

In case you needed more motivation to get your butt in gear.

(and no, my Christmas mantel is not set up – I totally faked it;) for that shot)

I am thinking this might make a pretty sweet teacher gift!

I have another round tray drying right now, **note to self ** do not ever buy another round tray because you are way too anal to be ok with an imperfect line. But it’s ok, I figured out a way to disguise the imperfection and it actually looks like a design element!

I have a girlfriend with a birthday this week, and I think this will make a great gift! So, no pictures for you;)

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