Crafting fail(ish)

I had really high hopes for this project…and I had a lot of inspiration. Hand-painted signs are pretty trendy right now, whether it’s your family rules,or perhaps something a little more “Christmas-y”This is one of my all time faves –  Signs are everywhere in blog land! And when I sat down at my desk to make a “vintage” sign, I was feeling pretty optimistic. Lately, things have been going pretty well. Heck, the dresser I re-did for Jonah was just featured on APARTMENT THERAPY – hello! That’s a pretty big deal in my world.

Anyway, I wanted to try my hand at making a sign to go along with our Christmas decor, which this year is kind of vintage, shabby chic-esque. It’s a rather loose interpretation! So, I started with a nice piece of (free) wood from the scraps bin at Home Depot. Painted it pure white from ASCP (of course)I mocked up the words and their placement using some scrap cardstock, just to make sure I had the sizing and fonts the way I wanted them.I used cricut vinyl to make a stencil and smoothed them into place. I painted over that with one coat of ASCP’s Emperor’s silk. And when I peeled off the vinyl…Really? I should have stopped, waxed it and buffed it and called it a day. It had just the right amount of wood peeking through, with the letters all still nice and crisp. But no. Oh no, I couldn’t leave it well enough alone.

Nope, not me. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

So, normally when I use ASCP I like to sand before I wax. I feel like I have more control. But technically, you are supposed to wax then sand. So for some stupid unknown reason, I decided to follow the “rules”. I waxed, and then I sanded. And it looked terrible. Really, really bad. Like the red paint suddenly started bleeding pink and I had pink blotches around my words. It was so bad I forgot to take a picture. 😦

Or, maybe I was just in too much of a rush to try to fix it. LOL, my next brilliant idea was to mix some of the dark wax into some of the  clear wax and go over it. I wanted something darker and vintage-y remember? Sounds possible right?

Um, no. Now it looks like the red was bleeding onto a very dirty sign.


More clear wax to try to “erase” some of the darkest spots. It did work, a little. But I noticed it also enhanced all of my sanding/distressing marks, but not in a good way. Know what I mean?I took it upstairs and had it leaning in the kitchen when my hubby and oldest daughter both came downstairs and loved it. Whaat? You don’t think it looks dirty? And can’t you see all my “mistakes”?

Nope, they really liked it. Then my sis came for dinner and she totally agreed with me. She said it looked awful, and offered to take it home with her so I wouldn’t have to look at it anymore (she’s really supportive like that;) love ya KA!) LOLSo for now, its leaning on the mirror on the mantle. Although I am not sure I have really grown to like it that much more, and I do have another piece of the wood left in my office. And since I know when to stop (hopefully) it wouldn’t take that long…

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7 Responses to Crafting fail(ish)

  1. Lauryn says:

    i really love this!
    totally not a mistake.
    {love} lauryn @

  2. Shannon says:

    I think it looks perfect. Nice and aged… it’s just right =)
    I think we look to close and over think it when we do it ourselves…
    Enjoy & Happy Holidays =)

  3. I think it looks great too 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog & for the sweet comment on my Christamas sign!!

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  5. jessie says:

    Your Blog is so great that I have link it on mine (

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