A word for the year.

That seems to be the big topic right now in blog land. Picking one word that will guide/influence how you choose to spend your year.

 I have already read a bunch of really fantastic posts, starting with Beth over at Home Stories A to Z who chose “bubbles” as her word (totally makes sense when you read it, go check it out if you haven’t already!), Layla (who is hosting a linky party for your word posts) from the Lettered Cottage whose word is “up” and Marian at Miss Mustard Seed who is choosing to “celebrate” this year.

Just to name a few of my faves;)

So I started thinking about a word. About a focus for the next year, and I thought, and thought. And didn’t really come up with anything earth shattering or illuminating.

That’s it.

 Truth be told, I am struggling with a few things lately, none of the decisions are life changing, but enough to make me feel a little lost.

I feel like I have a need to be refreshed, and so I am going to concentrate on that. In my life in general, in my relationships with my amazing husband and my two fantastic girlies in particular, in my home, in my spiritual life, in my role as a friend, in the goals I have chosen/need to choose, the list goes on.

Like I said, not exactly earth shattering is it? And while I think we probably all feel a little like we need/want to be refreshed at the beginning of a new year, for me it’s necessary. A fresh, clean blank slate on which to start over! I like the way that sounds, I like the way that feels.

So, I guess that means my word for 2012 is Refresh!

I already have a few plans, but nothing is set in stone and that is ok for now.

I am still going to blog, although I have no idea how often, and I would love to “refresh” the look of Scrap Me Baby. A new logo and a better blog layout is on my wish list… 

I still want to do “projects” but they will be the ones I want to do, and I definitely want to work more on my home!

I want to spend more time doing the fun stuff with my girls, while they still want me to do it with them!

I want to date my hubby again, he rocks and I am so amazed that I get to have him in my life forever.

Huh. I think it’s gonna be a good year!

How about you? Do you have a word for the year?

I would love to hear it:)


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4 Responses to A word for the year.

  1. Layla says:

    Love your word, and so happy you’ll be joining in the party! 😀 Thank you for linking to it!

  2. Thanks so much for the inspiration! I am your next-door neighbor at Layla’s party and I am glad I stopped by for a visit! I love the word “refresh”….definitely something I need to do more of!

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