diy jewelry storage

First – can I tell you how excited I am to FINALLY share this? I am, and if you could see me doing my happy dance you would a)laugh, b)beg me to stop and c)(hopefully) love it just a smidge!

Our master bedroom has been a work in progress for a long time now. We (and by we, I do mean the hubby) got it painted the week before Christmas and I am seriously in love. The hubby is pretty great too;)

One of my too numerous to count  the projects on my list was to make some jewelry storage. We have a little walk in closet, but having my jewelry in there meant it was mostly out of sight, and hardly ever worn. I know you have all seen the cute diy framed/chicken wired/pretty fabric jewelry displays floating all over pinterest. (and if you haven’t, you are seriously missing out on some cuteness) but chicken wire is not really my style, so I came up with another plan.

Without further ado…

Here is what I started with –I also used a couple of garage sale frames, and just made sure that all of the frame styles were similar (ornate but closed, if that makes sense?)

The cork boards required some dismantling, I removed the paper backing, and pulled out a billion staples, and used a fingertip knife to loosen the glue.With the insides removed I sprayed all the frames with a high gloss white.

This next picture is more of a what NOT to do!I wanted the insides to be a bit fuller, so I used a thin layer of batting over top, and wrapped it around the sides. Then I did the same with some nice white linen-y fabric. The what not to do comes here, if you wrap your batting around the edges your frames will not sit anywhere close to the wall. Duh.

So I had to go back and trim the batting down to just slightly smaller than the cork, wrap the white fabric tightly around the edges and tape firmly in place. I used masking tape, because I knew I was going to cover the backs still.

I used either the original backs, (if I had them) or recycled cardboard (when I didn’t), and a staple gun to add a bit more stability as well as a nice clean back to each frame.

Made paper templates for each frame,and started playing around with the arrangement. I had a friend come help, for another set of hands as well as another pair of eyes.

I have an amazing tool for hanging. It’s called – ready for this? The “Hang & Level”

I found it at my home depot and was told it is an Alberta designer’s invention. It’s pretty great, and I am happy to report there is not one single extra hole in my wall. That’s pretty rare for me!!

In amongst my jewelry stash I found this brooch that used to belong to my grandmother. It’s not a valuable piece, in fact my grandma could never resist a garage sale or a bargain! I haven’t worn in much, but I do think it’s pretty, and I love the pop of gold against the wall color.All ready for jewelry…I wanted to reuse what I had on hand, so I took the pale yellow push pins that came with the cork boards (did you notice them in the first photo?) and sprayed them with Valspar’s Bumble Bee yellow. I liked the yellow, and it’s one of the colors we are using as an accent in our room, but combined with the necklaces they were a little too busy looking, so they got a couple of coats of the high gloss white.I knew that I would need for them to have a little extra length, in order for the necklaces to hang properly. I snipped off their “pokey bits” and hot glued them onto regular white push pins.They work perfectly!I wanted to add the mirror because when I am trying to choose earrings I end up running in and out of the bathroombut I didn’t expect to end up loving it quite as much as I do. It’s at the perfect height for me, and helps to break up all the white.I love having my jewelry out, and hopefully seeing it means I end up wearing it more often.

I also added this to my dresserand this to my hubby’sVintage silver trays that I stole rescued from my mom’s garage. They used to belong to my great-grandmother, and were among very few items to have survived a house fire.

See mom?? I don’t paint everything!

I still have a bunch more projects to do before the room is “done” including a closet makeover of sorts, painting the bathroom, new bedside lamps, a cushion for the window seat and some art. But, I truly love it already, and it feels refresh-ed!! Is it weird that I find reasons to walk into the room throughout the day to look at it? Or that it makes me smile every time? No? Good. 

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10 Responses to diy jewelry storage

  1. What a beautiful jewelry display! thanks for sharing!

  2. Great project! I adore those push pins. I think I read where they came with the boards? Could you have bought them separately? I need them for a lampshade! LOL!

    • They did come with the cork boards, from HomeSense I believe. I bet you could find something similar at an office supply store, or even etsy? I will definitely keep my eye out for you!

  3. pam says:

    That looks nice. I love the way you did that.

  4. Shauna says:

    Your jewelry storage system is beautiful and functional. I did one a while ago using teacups and I love it- something pretty to look at everyday! Thanks for stopping by today!

  5. Lisa Baron says:

    These look so great! I love your idea and may have to incorporate a bit of this in my next round of Jewelry holders…. Super idea!

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