It may be time to say buh-bye… and a furniture mystery.

My garage is starting to look slightly frightening! I am sure the neighbours think we are either turning into hoarders or about to open a furniture shop:)

So, it might be time to let a few things go. (that noise you hear? it’s my hubby celebrating)

It turns out I may have a slight addiction to chairs…I currently have NINE, yep, 9 piled up in the garage. Let’s not talk about the 3 sitting inside the house. All are project chairs that I had/have fabulous plans for. But…not nearly enough time.

This bad boy I was talked into buying at a garage sale. Turns out, I have no idea how to make a slipcover!I think it has very cool, super low sleek lines. How awesome would it be with a retro print fabric!

And this sweet girl,

Ok, ignore the obviously bad photo, I was too lazy to drag everything outside into the snowstorm we are currently having (and let’s face it, the neighbours already think I’m crazy!) so I took pics in the garage.

I think this chair is fantastic, all those sweet curvy lines are just begging for a shabby chic redo. It even had the original caning (badly damaged) under a leather cover. I can totally imagine this chair done up in the pretty new Antoinette color by Annie Sloan – divine in a little girls room!Too bad someone used it as a stepladder while they painted.

And now for a little mystery. I have this cute vintage magazine table,Kind of in rough shape, but great lines and other than the two end pieces it is solid wood. I was thinking about painting it similar to the one I did for myself (here) or trying something using some cool vintage-y paper on the top and shelf. So I am in the garage, taking some pictures when I spy this…A flash of red, and I thought there was something stuck down inside, reach in – nothing. And it’s completely smooth, and other than when the flash caught it at the right angle I have never ever noticed it before! Its totally a manufacturer’s label right? I tried to get a closer shot, and realized it has been applied upside down. So here is as close a view as I can get, and flipped the picture around – Nuts! I still can’t make it out. I did try googling a bunch of times, and didn’t have any luck that way either. I would LOVE to know more about this. Hmmm, this one I have a harder time parting with, but they are all going up on my local kijiji. Maybe someone will have more time than I do and be able to rescue them!

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4 Responses to It may be time to say buh-bye… and a furniture mystery.

  1. Beth says:

    Hey Nicole! thanks for coming by to see me! I would have a hard time parting with all of that furniture, cause I can see the potential in every piece! Repurposing easily becomes an addiction! The floral chair reminds me of something my grandma would have had, I can see a new fabric and some chalk paint…adorable! God Bless!

  2. Ted Haigh says:

    Hi there! Just wondering, having happened upon your blog by pure happenstance, what happened to your mystery table? I liked its look and had a better time decoding the mystery, I believe!

    • Hello! And thanks for coming by:)

      I received an email shortly after this post went up from a lady who thought she had a match to my table and was looking for another. She asked to purchase it from me, and had agreed to send me more photos when she was finished but I haven’t seen anything yet! I would love to hear more about what you discovered!

      • Ted Haigh says:

        The Web is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Not only can the oddest of things be researched, but when such research fails, a guy who can’t sleep at 2am in the morning might just happen across one’s blog and be attracted to the object of said research and respond with data, both useful and odd!

        So here is the deal: I like the table too and would appreciate you considering offering it to me once you feel you have that option.

        OK, as to MY research. I knew no more than you when I happened upon your photos. I’m a graphic designer specializing in foregone eras. I often must decode blurry vintage photo, microfilm, and typographic data to research and sometimes recreate the old and forgotten. In this case I was clearly able to make out “W”, “Duffus”, and “Waterloo, Ontario”. That was enough of a start. I first came across several confusing entries regarding an historic old button factory without apparent refs to any of my known terms except the town. Further digging into the site revealed that when the button factory closed, the building was sold to a “Duffus Plywood Ltd.” When, your table is definitely veneer, usually applied over plywood during the likely era of the table. Messing around with my search terms teased out additional clues, and when I went for broke and just stuck in what the decal PROBABLY said (W. Clare Duffus Limited) with the term “plywood” I finally came up with the exact text of your label:

        Distributor Lumber Veneer Plywood
        Waterloo Ontario

        The company existed from the 1930s through 1986 as best I can ascertain. Your piece would likely be from the ’40s.

        Please do let me known if my efforts might lead to offering this poor orphan a nice restoration and a loving home, (price allowing!)

        — Ted

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