It’s a party…parisian pink poodle

Turns out – this post is waaay long…grab a coffee and get comfy!

My sweet baby girl turned 4 this month!! I seem to be ok with it, quite possibly its denial. She told me that she would “always be my baby, just not in front of people” so apparently we are still good for snuggles!

Time for a birthday party, this one with a  “pink poodle in paris” theme, which of course means tons of pink, black, sparkles and oodles of poodles! We set the tone for the party by sending out these cute invites which were all handmade. (FYI – black glitter cardstock is sort of a nightmare to work with and will not be making any more appearances in this house…)Front door had a ribbon and rosette wreath added to it,and a double-sided happy birthday banner hung in the front window.I did try to get some pictures from the outside but they were all sort of glare-y and mostly hurt my eyes so I figured I would spare you!

We decorated the mantel with a bunch of thrifted frames, sprayed black and filled with pink poodles and “4’s”, found some metallic Eiffel towers, and a stuffed pink poodle.Did you know that helium balloons only last for 8-10 hours? Not me 😦 which means the balloons I got to float above the kitchen table were sadly not so float-y anymore. They mostly just sat on the mantel, looking kind of pathetic.

Know what’s not pathetic? These adorable ruffled pink tote bags!I made one for each girl to take home as their goody bag, and while I would love to take credit for the idea, I first saw them here, I chose to sew each ruffle so they would be more consistently ruffled and then hot glue gunned them onto the bag. I’ll spare you the sewing machine drama that ensued and just tell you that once you have a good machine, they are actually fairly easy to make and turned out better than I hoped!

For the girls craft I found these adorable pink poodles here,They came with wishing stars, and birth certificates, so each girl go to make a wish, stuff and name her own poodle. They got dressed up with black hair bows too!We had Chelsea’s party on Easter weekend, and because we were juggling a bunch of other commitments and had family in town we ended up doing a morning party. I wasn’t entirely certain how it was going to go over, but it worked out really well. We were finished by lunch time, and had the rest of the day to get everything else crammed in. Plus, let’s be honest, waiting all day for a party to start is pretty tough on everyone!

In the kitchen we set up the table with all pink and black (Chelsea suggested that daddy should probably paint the walls pink…it didn’t happen!)The centerpiece is my fave, it’s a rustic wood planter box that I made (with help, thanks Les!) I used empty starbucks  bottles inside, surrounded by pink shredded paper. A couple of white carnations tucked into each vase, it looked really sweet.For snacks we kept it super simple, figuring that everyone would have already had breakfast. Birthday girl asked for cheese + crackers, we did a fruit tray, mini water bottles with these great custom labels

and cupcakes!I made the cupcake wraps using my cricut, they were super easy. (I know there is a cricut cartridge out that has a ton of theme-y wraps but mine came from Cindy Loo I believe, and I just “hid” all the interior cuts using my gypsy.) A small hole punch into each of the scallops and they were done.To make the toppers I used a scallop punch, lollipop sticks and Parisian themed circles.

Ready for some party pics? I didn’t get a ton of good ones unfortunately, and looking back I really wished that I had taken the time to photograph each girl with her poodle!

There was a dance party…stuffing everywhere!yummy cupcakespink poodle lovesnuggles with BOTH her grandmasand really, what’s a house full of girls (sorry daddy + pop-pop) without a little “hair admiration” We ended her birthday with our tradition of measuring + marking her growth chart.

That was a long one! Thanks for sticking in:)

Next post will be short I promise…I have been working on a couple little things, one of them being a ridiculously easy painted lamp makeover…which is about to be repainted for the THIRD  time. Grrrrr.

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8 Responses to It’s a party…parisian pink poodle

  1. This is SO cute! I love the “Paris” theme!! It looks like everyone had a blast which is the most important thing!! 🙂

    • Thanks! The girls did (hopefully) have a great time, and from what I have heard from some of the moms the poodles have made their rounds to various preschools and outings too!

  2. melissa says:

    Such a precious party! The ruffled bags are adorable!!! Must make for an upcoming birthday party gift!

  3. First and formeost- Happy Birthday Chelsea! That would’ve been my son, Chayce’s, name had he been a she. Second- HOLY COW I love every-too-flippin-cute-thing about this party! How are you gonna top this for next year?! I’m a follower, so I guess I’ll see 🙂
    Really– Awesome stuff!

  4. Just saw this Party and I love the bags and stuffed poodles 🙂

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