Inspired jewelry

Miss me? I may have misplaced a month 🙂 I really have been working on a ton of projects, they just haven’t made an appearance on the blog. Sorry about that, would love to say it won’t happy again but…

Good news?

I have some pretty inspired-by-others jewelry to show you today!

Like almost all girly girls I know, I love jewelry. I have even been making an effort to wear the pieces I own 😉  One of my solutions was the jewelry gallery wall in our master bedroom and it has been fairly successful.

I recently had the opportunity to take a jewelry class with my mom and a girlfriend. Something we had talked about doing for a while, and finally got around to it! It was offered at a local bead store, and you were supposed to pick a project from their gallery. Umm, no thanks.

Thanks to etsy, I came equipped with a pic and convinced the teacher that we all wanted to make one. (she was less than thrilled)

It was a wire wrapped bead bracelet, here’s my version.It was a lot more time-consuming than I expected, (my mom & Karen were smart enough to space out their beads, while I was certain mine needed to be “chunkier”).

I am pleased with the final result, even though I am now completely convinced the etsy bracelet is WAY under-priced!

I love skeleton keys, so this charm is the perfect way to finish off the bracelet.My mom was showing off  a natural, and actually finished 3 projects. This is her memory wire bracelet. (maybe it’s called tiger wire? apparently I was not the best student)One of the reasons I wanted to take a jewelry class in the first place was this watch…It’s a knock off of a La Mer watch, and I like this version more than I like the original. I was dying to make one! Technically my jewelry class taught me none of the skills needed to make this…but that’ s ok. Bev has a fab tutorial, it was super easy to follow.

I had pictured it in some great fun color, or maybe a python band. Problem was, the watch faces I could find were very limited. I originally bought a super cute one, but the bars on it are so tight and slim that none of the belts I looked at would fit through once let alone twice.

Meet my snazzy new leopard print watch!I suppose you can’t really go wrong with an animal print, right? Mine doesn’t have the chains added yet, or any charms. I ‘m going to follow Bev’s advice and make them removable.

I did learn a couple of things along the way…

1) don’t assume your wrist must be bigger than everyone else’s. You will just end up trimming. A lot. From both ends.

2) you probably should actually read the sizes on the rivets you buy, and then pick up the punches that match. I eyeballed mine…and ended up with nothing even remotely close. Good news is, if you have the making memories tool kit for scrapbooking – your eyelet punch will work perfectly;)

3) when she says to put a board down on your surface, it’s a good idea. Pretty happy my desk was a kijiji freebie that already has many, many gouges on it.

4) getting cute wrist shots of yourself wearing said watch is waay harder than you would think. My hubby finally stepped in and took over with not even one eye roll.

I have a few more projects to post, (hopefully) and I have a trip to Halifax next week that I am super excited about! I haven’t ever been to the East coast, and I am really looking forward to taking a break.

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6 Responses to Inspired jewelry

  1. flamingotoes says:

    Yay Nicole!!! Your bracelets are all super cute and I love the way your watch turned out! That brown leather with the leopord print looks so great! Thanks for the sweet shoutout too! 🙂 You’re such a sweetie!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Very cute! I love the skeleton key charm you used. 🙂

  3. Teresa says:

    So glad you visited my blog so that I was able to find your blog! I just started playing around with making jewellery and I love your latest post. And your display area in your bedroom is amazing! Love it.

  4. I like them all….but I think the watch bracelet is my favorite! Thanks for sharing all the inspiration.


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