just a corner…

You know when you walk into a room and all of a sudden it hits you? Like what the heck were you thinking? I walked upstairs into our family room not too long ago, this is what smacked me in the face.Do you see it?


Well, you may be blinded by all the beige…

We spend a ton of time in this room, it’s actually a really great space and one of the features that sold us on this house. But somehow, for some reason, all of a sudden all I can see is the beige. I should clarify, this room along with the upstairs hallway is the only space left in the house that we haven’t repainted, and it has always been on the to do list.

We like color.

A lot of color.

Our kitchen is lipstick red, we love it so much we redid it this spring the exact same color.

We like our space with a little personality. So, how on earth did we end up here?This corner of the room is our starting point, and I will warn you now – the room is not finished.


Didn’t think so.

Here is my inspiration.I love this fabric!

Thrift store lamp base + walmart plain shade.Spray paint + ruffles.No room is complete without ruffles.


A couple coats of ASCP Arles, new fave color.Sad little beige-y corner is starting to show some personality!

On another note, just wanted to say thanks for hanging in with me. And welcome to the new followers!

I sort of disappeared for a while, lots of boring reasons why.

I do have a ton of back logged projects to share, so I am hoping, ahem, to post with some sort of regularity again!

Stop by the fb page, there will be a giveaway if we hit 100 likes this week!

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3 Responses to just a corner…

  1. Stacy says:

    Did you make that ruffled lampshade? It’s fabulous!

    • Hi, thanks! Yes I made the ruffled orange lampshade. Super easy! I just attached them with my hot glue gun, didn’t even hem the edges of the ruffles after I ripped the fabric, I was totally ok with the slightly frayed edges.

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