Simple Halloween Decor & Chalk painted pumpkins

Well hello there…long time.

We just finished Canadian Thanksgiving, so that means its time to share some Halloween decor! I went a little different this year, and a whole lot simpler. Which basically means, it mostly got done ūüėČ

To remind you, here is a picture of last year’s mantle in all it’s spooky glory.This year it’s all about the pumpkins!The two big white pumpkins are from Michaels but they come in that funny off white color that isn’t quite cream. Easy, peasy. Hit it with some of my brand new Van Gogh Chalk Paint in Halo (more to come on this paint soon!) one coat covered perfectly.

The little orange¬†pumpkins were cheapies¬†from the dollar store, and their fake speckled plastic-ness was pretty awful. They each got a quick coat of ASCP’s¬†Barcelona orange.I finally got my sewing machine up and running (yaaay) and whipped up a couple of easy drop-cloth throw pillow covers.I find birds creepy. Not a fan at all. (don’t tell my daughter who will happily spend hours in the backyard with her binoculars and a bird book!) This is as close to a bird this house will ever get.Remember the buffet that finally got it’s makeover? Yup, that’s it! I’ll have more pics for you soon.

I also did a couple of Halloween signs, that went to the studio Рif they are still there I will be bringing them home to add into our decorations.and a subway art versionMy girls have their Halloween costumes all picked out, Chels is going to be a lala-loopsy and Meg wants to be a black cat! The weather here has been unusually mild so far, and if it continues we may not even need snowsuits under our costumes! Woot! Woot!

I’ll leave you with one more…Yup, got photo bombed by the hubby.¬†

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2 Responses to Simple Halloween Decor & Chalk painted pumpkins

  1. Love the silver mixed in with the black, white and orange. I’ve never been one to decorate too much for Halloween (except my classroom when I was a teacher), but I’m loving how sophisticated the decor has become. Hopefully the weather is a bit more tolerable on the 31st than it has been this week!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit my blog…..collections are so much fun! I love your fall decor!

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