It’s been a long time coming!

I have a backlog of projects to share, and I feel like I am (kind of) catching up!

I inherited this buffet from my sister (thanks!) and it was the perfect size for this little corner in our kitchen. I loved the details, but not the wood color/finish. I’m embarrassed to admit how long it sat like this while I debated what I wanted it to look like.

Begging for a makeover!

Begging for a makeover!

It was during a rare week off for me, kids were in day camps & the hubs was nursing a broken ankle that I pulled out my paints and got to work. I did a custom ASCP mix, mostly duck egg, with a good amount of pure white and old white added to soften it up a bit.door repair

I had to do a bit repair work to one of the doors, it had cracked and popped out of the corner frame. The hinges are all original and this side actually wouldn’t come off without causing a significant amount of damage, so the repair was done in place with various clamps and a fair bit of patience!

Two coats of paint covered perfectly, and after letting it dry for about a half hour I hauled it outside to do a light distressing/sanding. This was the first big piece that I did using dark wax, and I really like how it turned out. I did a light coat of clear wax first, which means if you add the dark wax  and don’t like the way something looks its pretty easy to lighten it up or take it off completely.

Might as well get her started now!

Might as well get her started now!

I buffed it up to a nice sheen, I love how the dark wax catches in all the crevices and adds to the aged look. I painted inside the shelves with a thick coat of Arles, but haven’t gone back to do the drawers yet. Maybe one day!

I also changed out the hardware, we thought the brassy handles were original but when I pulled them off to paint I realized they were not. (Which made me happy and less guilty ripping them off)

I also moved the middle drawer pulls to line up with the top drawers. Hardware is a library style pull I picked up at home depot. The bottom knobs match our kitchen cupboards.

Hanging in the kitchen

Hanging in the kitchen

This buffet lived happily in the kitchen until last week.

If you follow along with me on fb, then you already know that one of my sisters surprised me with a book that has been on my wish list for a while.

Miss Mustard Seed’s “Inspired You”

My new very fave book!

My new very fave book!

I literally sat down and read it cover to cover the morning it arrived. It’s a fantastic book, written in exactly the same style that she uses on her blog. By the time I had finished the book, I was completely inspired, and I ended up rearranging some pieces in the living room & kitchen.

Hanging in the living room! Much better:)

Hanging in the living room! Much better:)

The buffet ended up on this larger wall in the living room, while the antique table that used to be there moved into the kitchen under the window.

One of my very favorite pieces is a 1930’s Westminster chime clock that I sweet talked from my parents collection. I always felt like it was a bit lost on the wood table, but I love how it looks on the buffet.

Love how the clock pops now.

Love how the clock pops now.

I feel like the two spaces flow a little better now, and my sweet hubs repainted the living room last week so it all feels fresh & fabulous!

I’ve been working on another little (ish) project that should be ready to share in the next few days…maybe!

thanks for coming by

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6 Responses to It’s been a long time coming!

  1. Jenna says:

    Love this, it turned out to be such a fantastic piece!

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  3. julie-afp says:

    Great transformation and don’t you love re-accessorizing to update a room? Nice!

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