Spring Cleaning…guest post!

Hey! Guess what?

I was asked to participate in a combined guest post over at Shauna’s blog Satori Design for Living. It’s full of great spring cleaning & organizing tips and I would be thrilled if you would pop over and take a look.

Make sure you leave her some comment love;)


thanks for coming by!


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6 Responses to Spring Cleaning…guest post!

  1. Thanks for sharing your tips for keeping kids organized. Looks like your girls have a fun jewelry collection!

  2. So nice to meet you Nicole! I love the necklace hanger for your girls, and if only I had been so organized when my daughter was younger with her toys. She had bins for her Barbies and things, but we didn’t label them, so guess what happened? All the bins became a random collection of toys in spite of good intentions!

  3. Did you create the necklace hanger yourself Nicole?

    • Yes, I did. I made one for each girls rooms’and a bunch for a gallery wall of jewelry in my room. They are super easy to put together, I did a tutorial a while back.

  4. Really cool post, highly informative and professionally written..Good Job

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